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The Art of (Self-)Marketing. The Artist in the Clutches of the 19th Century Art Trade

Mar 1 — Jun 2 2024
Exhibition hall „13“
The strategies an artist can adopt to raise funds for their independent work developed significantly during the 19th century. The relationship between commissioners and the artist, the relationship between the artwork and the audience, and the market mechanisms themselves were changing. The decisive role of the original patrons was taken over by collectors and public and private commissioners (in the form of art competitions), exhibitions, art dealers, publishers or associations.

Full Steam Ahead! Boats and Navigation in Czech Art 1850–1950

Oct 27 2023 — Feb 4 2024
Exhibition hall „13“
Inland navigation in Bohemia is a rewarding and still not very well explored topic. In three thematic units, the exhibition presents often well-known paintings whose themes are identified for the first time in a credible way. The legendary steamship Primátor Dittrich, as captured by Josef Šíma, is also included.