Cultural programmes

The tradition of cultural programmes organized by the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen dates back to 1972, when Masné krámy Exhibition Hall was opened. Its spaces allowed the extension of the Gallery portfolio to include lectures, literary evenings, forums, and chamber concerts right in the centre of the exhibition. The profile of the portfolio of cultural events and the character of particular events had to more or less comply with the opportunities and ideas of the Bolshevik “normalisation period”, the mentality of which had a grave impact on cultural life in Pilsen. In spite of this, the realization of some quality events was still possible. The Sunday music matinées, for instance, gained a regular audience. Evening discussions with the J. K. Tyl Theatre actors were quite popular, as well as occasional music and poetry programmes featuring actors, writers, artists and musicians from both Pilsen and other cities. These activities continued in a similar spirit after 1990, and in 1997 it even spread to the lecture hall of the newly acquired exhibition hall, “The 13”. Presently, the originally broad cultural programme concept, reminding one of the programmes of former “Culture Houses”, is profiled according to the standards of a modern gallery. Although the dramaturgy keeps a broader range of forms, which include lectures, literary and music programmes, as well as film programmes and documentaries, it focuses a part of them on the content of ongoing exhibitions. A standard part of supporting programmes are guided tours and lectures, prepared in cooperation with the authors or curators of the exhibitions.