The Semler Residence is the only example of a multilevel apartment based on the so-called “Raumplan”, i.e. the concept of seamlessly linking spaces of different heights. The interior comprises six main levels and is strongly reminiscent of the Müller Villa in Prague which had been built earlier. In contrast to the villa, however, Semler’s apartment was built within an older high street tenement house.

This program of regular exhibitions of individual collections on one day presents the treasures of the Gallery of West Bohemia’s collection to the public, despite the non-existent permanent exhibition.

These exhibitions, entitled “One Art / One World”, take place on the first Wednesday of the month (unless this day falls during the exchange of exhibitions) at the central nave of the “Masné krámy” Exhibition Hall.

At 5pm the selected work is introduced in a lecture by one of the gallery curators.

Entrance to the lecture is for a reduced fee.

The Adolf Loos interieur at Klatovska Avenue 110 was visited by the granddaughter of Oldřich Semler who had to leave his Pilsen home in 1939 at the age of 16, escaping the Nazi regime. He was the eldest son of Oskar and Jana Semler who commisioned Adolf Loos to rebuild the apartment in the early 1930s.

After the war Oldřich settled in the United States of America and assumed the name "Hank Semler".

The Gallery of West Bohemia offers free admisison to both Masné krámy Exhibiton Hall (Pražská No. 18) and the "13" Exhibition Hall (Pražská No. 13) on every first Sunday in a month.