Current exhibitions

PASS IT ON! Aspects of collaboration in the work of UMPRUM students

výstavní síň Masné krámy
12/05/2020 to 01/11/2020

Cooperation is an essential part for the functionality and development of human society, especially nowadays indicating that interconnectedness between individuals and disciplines brings more comprehensive solutions to current needs and various problems. The exhibition Pass it on! Aspects of collaboration in the work of UMPRUM students, shows aspects of cooperation in regards to creating and proving the power of sharing and mutual assistance.

Cesta k nové budově Západočeské galerie v Plzni

pozemek U Zvonu
23/09/2020 to 30/11/2020

Nově je na pozemku U Zvonu k vidění výstava shrnující cestu k nové budově Západočeské galerie v Plzni.

BAOABC. How and why children’s books are created

výstavní síň „13“
16/10/2020 to 07/02/2021

“Hey Bao! What’s up? We’re reading… Cool, thanks.“ Baobab is not “just” a publishing company specialising in illustrated books for children, but an organic whole that is constantly embracing new activities. It supports young illustrators and writers, promotes artist books for children, maps contemporary European literature for children and young people, and introduces Czech readers to the most interesting 20th and 21st-century illustrators.