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Aviation in Czech Visual Culture, 1783–1957

výstavní síň Masné krámy
16/07/2021 to 16/01/2022

The desire to fly is as old as mankind. And despite the fact that people were breaking their limbs in attempts to make this dream come true, they still cling to the idea of flying.” These are the words of the Swiss painter Paul Klee, whose art and life were tightly connected with flying.

Josef Sudek – Jakub Špaňhel: To Experience a Revelation

exhibition hall "13"
22/10/2021 to 06/02/2022

This exhibition of works by Josef Sudek and Jakub Špaňhel, two acclaimed artists operating in different times and different media, has a unifying and powerful theme: St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, a place that is intimately connected with the history of the entire country and has helped to define the national identity.