Current exhibitions

MICHAL CIHLÁŘ / Still-Life with Thrown Gauntlet

exhibition hall Masné krámy
16/02/2022 to 28/08/2022

The graphic artist Michal Cihlář (1960) is considered a pioneer of Czech modern linocut. By a curious coincidence, he began to use this graphic technique in 1980 and soon realised that linocut, despite the fact it is rather a primitive technology, is a true bonanza of unlimited creative possibilities.

Kubišta, Pinkas, Sekal et al. GWB’s Acquisitions of 2012–2021

exhibition hall "13"
22/06/2022 to 28/09/2022

The exhibition of a selection of the acquisitions that the Gallery of West Bohemia has acquired to its collection since 2011 follows an earlier exhibition summarizing acquisitions from 2008–2011 (Hodek, Kars, Max et al., 2011). The collecting activities of the GWB have established a certain pattern over time, the priorities defined by the document Concept of the Collection Activities of the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen 2017–2021.