Current exhibitions

The Era of Salons: Czech Salon Art and the International Art Scene 1870–1914

exhibition hall Masné krámy
28/09/2022 to 05/03/2023

The exhibition aims to present Czech salon art in the European context, as was common practice in the ‘salons’ of the time between 1870 and 1914.

Comic Links

exhibition hall "13"
21/10/2022 to 29/01/2023

A drawing is an essential part of the comics; a drawing, which, in sequences, creates a story, a visual narrative. A comic book author is, first and foremost, a figure cartoonist, he/she must be able to maintain a distinctive style, the atmosphere of the story in a pictorial narrative in a series of successive pictorial sequences. What have been the drawing characteristics of the distinctive Czech comics? How did the artists inspire each other?