Current exhibitions

Trauma / Distress / Ecstasy / Emptiness. Formulas of Pathos 1900–2018

výstavní síň Masné krámy
16/02/2018 to 27/05/2018

This exhibition attempts to map the transformation of the human body's expressive structures in art in the past 120 years. The idea of the exhibition is based on the concept of “formulas of pathos”, with which Aby Warburg labelled artistic representations of tense emotional states.

Time, Time, Time… in 19th Century Art

výstavní síň „13“
23/02/2018 to 06/05/2018

This exhibition was created in connection with the interdisciplinary symposium traditionally held in Pilsen. The title for the 38th year is: Understanding the Second; Time in 19th Century Culture. The exhibition displays important chapters in the extensive and fundamental problem of human perception and depiction that radically changed during the 19th century.