Upcoming exhibitions

Go to the Countryside! Fine Art and Folk Culture in the Czech Lands 1800–1960

exhibition hall Masné krámy
01/03/2019 to 12/05/2019

Folk culture covers a quite heterogeneous variety of folk art. This exhibition is the first to examine the relationship between folk culture and fine art in the Czech Lands from the early 19th century to the latter half of the 20th century. It highlights the culture of country people, which played a much more crucial role in Czech art than popular culture from the urban environment.

A Career with a Palette. The Artist and Artistry in the 19th Century

exhibition hall
20/03/2019 to 09/06/2019

After 1800 a major theme in the modern era was the artist himself, his status in society and the developing of his self-confidence as an artist face to face with an anonymous public. Important aspects of this process were the new custom of presenting artworks at exhibitions that were open to the public, as well the institutionalisation of art education and practice.

KUBIŠTA – FILLA. A Pilsen Disputation

exhibition hall Masné krámy
07/06/2019 to 29/09/2019

The exceptional significance of the Gallery of West Bohemia’s collections of works by Bohumil Kubišta and Emil Filla has already been highlighted in earlier exhibitions and publications. The gallery’s most recent overview of Czech Cubism was Cubism 1910–1925. Cubism in the Collections of the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen, an exhibition held in 2009 with an accompanying publication.

Jiří Slíva. The Beauty of Nonsense

exhibition hall
26/06/2019 to 25/08/2019

Jiří Slíva (born in 1947 in Pilsen) is a cartoonist, graphic artist, musician, poet, sociologist and futurologist who has become a phenomenon on the Czech and European art scene thanks to his humorous drawings, illustrations and graphic art. His work has been featured in more than 180 books, several of them devoted solely to his work. Jiří Slíva has won numerous awards and is featured in many public and private collections. He has worked as a freelance artist since 1979.

Studio Najbrt Basics

exhibition hall
11/09/2019 to 03/11/2019

Aleš Najbrt is one of the best known and most successful Czech graphic designers to emerge since the 1989 Velvet Revolution. Over the last thirty years he has developed a distinctive style that has won him prizes in the Czech Republic and other countries, and he set up a graphic studio that now has almost twenty employees. He also remains active in other fields.

Honour and Glory. Four Centuries of Art Collecting in the Czech Lands

exhibition hall Masné krámy
25/10/2019 to 23/02/2020

Výstava připomene jména barokních šlechtických sběratelů, často vázaných k západním Čechám (Černínové, Lažanští, Šternberkové, Lobkovicové), dále milovníky umění z měšťanských kruhů 19. století a rovněž slavné sběratele spojené především s moderním uměním, jakými byli Vincenc Kramář, Emanuel Hloupý, František Čeřovský či Václav Butta.

Neoclassicism: Technique and Beauty. Pietro Nobile (1776–1854)

exhibition hall Masné krámy
20/11/2019 to 09/02/2020

This is the first exhibition devoted to this architect, who became the head of the Architecture School at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.