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Rostislav Vaněk / System

Exhibition hall „13“
Robert V. Novák
Petra Kočová

Rostislav Vaněk’s exhibition at the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen does not aspire to be a classic retrospective of what this important artist and educator in the field of graphic design has created over the years; rather, it attempts at raising the question of what is inspiring about his works for his colleagues in the field today? What does the uninitiated gallery visitor see when they look at a design they encountered fifty, thirty, ten years ago, or encounter daily? Are they even aware that someone invented the design, or even know the name of its creator?

The graphic outputs of Rostislav Vaněk’s work, which have become legendary, but also those less known or even unrealised, will be the ‘food for thought’ – a kind of mirror through which we will try to look at the author’s works today, with the eyes through contemporary eyes.

Rostislav Vaněk, Plakát, 1968
Rostislav Vaněk, Obal alba Československý jazz, Gramofonový klub, 1965
Rostislav Vaněk, Orientační systém pražského metra, 1984
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exhibition hall „13“
Pražská 13, Pilsen

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