With Time under One’s Skin. Tomáš Císařovský – Bohdan Holomíček

14/06/2023 to 01/10/2023
exhibition hall "13"
Petr Vaňous
Marcela Štýbrová

The exhibition of the photographer Bohdan Holomíček (*1943) and the painter Tomáš Císařovský (*1962) traces the intersection of two utterly different worlds, both in terms of the means of expression and generation-wise. The works of both artists show a similar intuitive sensitivity to the recurring order of the validity of historical, social and natural phenomena, whose counterpoint is always a specific historical constellation and a specific human fate. On the one hand, there is the mainstream of historical time that becomes established in retrospect; on the other, specific individuals who act to fulfil their ideas by how or where they live.

The thematisation of living within historical time and its conditions is often transformed into indirect questions of survival. Due to the heightened attention of both authors to the vicissitudes of time, the existential subtext enters quite naturally into their creative work and is transformed into a testimony.

The author of the exhibition concept is Petr Vaňous.