Studio Najbrt Basics

11/09/2019 to 03/11/2019
exhibition hall
Michal Nanoru
Petra Kočová

Aleš Najbrt is one of the best known and most successful Czech graphic designers to emerge since the 1989 Velvet Revolution. Over the last thirty years he has developed a distinctive style that has won him prizes in the Czech Republic and other countries, and he set up a graphic studio that now has almost twenty employees. He also remains active in other fields.

The exhibition will trace Aleš Najbrt’s work from the early 1980s to his work as an art director for the magazines Reflex and Raut in the early 90s, and it will explore the changes and diversity we can see in his studio’s output since 1994. It will recapitulate his key works and his visual and organisational principles, looking at his inspiration from art, the typefaces he has designed and his collaborations with photographers. The exhibition will also look at Najbrt’s role in the absurdist Sklep theatre, the comedy trio Tros Sketos and the duo Thomas & Ruhller. The quantity, persistence and widespread impact of Najbrt’s work, and his enduring prominence as the creator of the key visual style and the “designer of the times”, means that the exhibition can also be read as the story of society’s transformation since the revolution.