One Art / One World – lecture cycle introducing major works in the collections of the gallery

Mistr Michelské madony (okruh): Madona z Dýšiny (kol. 1345)
Alfons Mucha, Návrh na plakát vlastní výstavy v Salon des Cent, 1897
Adolf Kosárek: Zimní večer (1859)
Max Švabinský: Ela v klobouku (1904)
Matyáš Bernard Braun: Zvěstování Panně Marii (1720―1725)
Bohumil Kubišta: Vzkříšení Lazara (1911―1912)
Jan Preisler: Studie k Ženě a jezdci u jezera (1905)
Bohumil Kubišta: Vlastní podobizna s modrým pozadím (1908)

This program of regular exhibitions of individual collections on one day presents the treasures of the Gallery of West Bohemia’s collection to the public, despite the non-existent permanent exhibition.

These exhibitions, entitled “One Art / One World”, take place on the first Wednesday of the month (unless this day falls during the exchange of exhibitions) at the central nave of the “Masné krámy” Exhibition Hall.

At 5pm the selected work is introduced in a lecture by one of the gallery curators.

Entrance to the lecture is for a reduced fee.

The One Art / One World exhibitions alternate between modern and old art, painting, sculpture, and architecture.