LIGHT, TWILIGHT AND DARKNESS. Art of the Czech 19th Century

24/02/2017 to 21/05/2017
exhibition hall "13"
Roman Prahl
Ivana Jonáková

The exhibition is a part of the program relating to the current theme of the 37th year of the Pilsen interdisciplinary symposium on the issues of the 19th century which is organized annually within the Smetana Days Festival; this year, the theme of the scientific symposium is “Light, Shadows, and Darkness in Czech Culture of the 19th Century”.

The annual topic relates to the changes in mentality during the 19th century between the major crises of the Enlightenment Era and the era of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition shall follow this broad cultural and historic topic, enriching it with the contribution of artistic creativity. Selected examples of works of prominent painters, drawers, graphic artists, sculptors or photographers shall be used to outline the pathways of general modernization that mingled and intertwined with the development of visual arts. The development both related to and differed from the research of human perception (especially of the sight and mind) and the scientific and technical innovation (photography and the related technologies, the development of artificial, especially electric, lighting). The original artefacts shall be complemented with multiple projections of other visual objects relating to the theme of the exhibition. Moreover, the publication issued for the exhibition shall, apart from texts, offer a number of images of objects that could not be obtained for exhibiting. The displayed exhibits shall be lent from the Gallery of West Bohemia, the National Gallery in Prague, regional galleries and museums, and the most prominent private art collections.