Artwork and Changes of Artistic Scene

04/03/2022 to 29/05/2022
exhibition hall "13"
Pavla Machalíková, Taťána Petrasová
Eva Skořepová

The exhibition has been conceived as a traditional part of the Smetana Days Festival on the current theme of the Pilsen Interdisciplinary Symposium on the 19th century.

The aim of the exhibition is to present works of art that in their time caused or were supposed to cause a change in the aesthetic and moral qualities of the domestic, Austro-Czech-German art scene of the 19th century. The concept of the exhibition, conceived by the authors – members of the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, is based not only on research into the exhibitions organised in the Czech Lands in ca. 1824–1914, where such individual works were often reflected, but also on current knowledge of the reforms of art academies, often linking a new programme to one particular work exhibited and discussed abroad. Outside the circle of exhibitions and critical discussions, a specific source of new imagination was also the works seen during travels and stays abroad and described in diaries, which, especially for architecture, are an important sign of a change in artistic direction. Visitors will be able to see foreign trendsetters (for example, casts of ancient works, works by A. Canova, J. F. Overbeck, G. Courbet, L. Schwanthaler or European cast iron and reinforced concrete structures) and their direct and indirect reflections, as well as their respective rejections in the domestic art scene.