Workshops for kids and moms from Ukraine

This week, the Gallery of West Bohemia has organised two workshops for Ukrainian kids and their moms.

The first workshop focused on haptic experience and was very entertaining for the participants. In a playful way, blindfolded, the kids and their moms wehe encouraged to touch various natural objects as well as sculptures made of marble, bronze or plastic and to guess what the respective sculptures represented and what material they were made of.

During the other workshop, the kids and their moms were introduced to Czech Easter traditions and then the children created an Easter card in the form of an Easter egg.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine, both workshops were well attended and made the participants happy. Students from Ukraine who study at the Medical Faculty in Pilsen helped us with interpreting.

As the worshoips met with great interest, the Gallery of West Bohemia will continue to organise cultural programmes and guided exhibition tours (interpreted into Ukrainian).